The Adventurers of Saison

The Beginning


In the capitol known as Cathianaea, in the country of Estainaea, The Allegiance of Saison are debating. It has been nearly thirteen years since an unknown threat has been ravaging the plane. The unification of the countries are deciding whether are not to go to war, but it is going nowhere. After three years they have agreed to send one group of individuals to scout out a location that is said to be the stronghold of the enemy armies. The group has been selectively chosen as individuals who have served the council for the past three years, and each has proven that they are indeed capable of this high regard. Afterwards, the council shall have one last vote to determine their actions on whether for war, or just to continue as if nothing was their or not.

After a week the party ventured forth. Killed a Twilight Dragon, while Addaratas dies do to no one helping her. Continue to fight within days, nothing to exciting. Meet Polliarmus. Teleports to town. Continue on forward, 6th day, 6th hour. Traveled 78 hours.



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